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On 31st May 2019, Department of Post revised their Departmental exam calendar which was previously postponed. The GDS to PA Exam will be held on the 14th of July 2019.

Here is a Model Question Paper for GDS to PA LDCE exam prepared by Kaushik IP, TTN(w). To Download Model Question Paper for GDS to PA Exam 2019, please Download from below link.

Model Question Paper for GDS to PA Exam 2019:





1) Registered newspapers and packets of registered newspapers are accepted on Sundays and P.O holidays without payment of any late fee in?
A) Mobile Post office B) RMS office C)Press sorting office D)All the above

2)Commission on Field Postal order of Rs.15000/- Denomination is?
A) Rs.40 B) Rs.50 C) Rs.60 D) Rs.80

3) Branch Post office can book insured articles up to a maximum limit of Rs.?
A) Rs.2000 B) Rs.5000 C) Rs.600 D) Cannot book

4) What is the rate of commission for Family Allotment money order of Rs.500?
A) Rs.25 B) Rs.30 C) Rs.35 D) Rs.40

5) When a registered article of the letter mail or a parcel is received in the office of delivery in a damaged condition, a notice will be sent by the postmaster of that office to the addressee requesting him to attend the post office within how many days in the case of foreign article to take delivery of it either personally or through an agent ?
A)2 days B) 7days C)10 days D)15 days

6) Articles with return remark “Addressee not known”, “Left” are ordinarily?
A) kept in deposit for 7 days B) Returned to sender C) Returned to RLO D) RTS after 7 days, if unclaimed.

7) A Money order becomes void if not paid within ?
A) one month b)the month of issue c) a month after month of issue d) 30days after month
of issue

8) What is the fee for alteration in address or place of payment of a money order ?
A) Rs.2 B)Rs.5 C) Second Commission D) No fee

9)Calculate Insurance fee to be paid by the customer who books V.P letter containing
railway receipt. VP amount Rs.2150/-. Weight 350grams ?
A) Rs.130 B)Rs.124 C)Rs.134 c)No fee

10) If there is a breach of condition in a single postcard of Rs.0.50 posted in letterbox how much amount should be taxed?
A) Rs.9 B) Rs.4.50 C) Returned to the sender or RLO D) No fees

Model Question Paper for GDS to PA Exam 2019
Model Question Paper for GDS to PA Exam 2019

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