Financial Power of the Divisional Head for GDS BO is 5,000/-

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Recently Department of Post has released the Financial Power of the Division Head in a schedule III. There that mention that A Divisional Head can spend up to 5000/- rupees each BO annually.

(d) May purchase furniture and fittings for offices, including tiffin rooms, rest rooms, holiday homes, inspection rooms/quarters etc. Per annum per office:-   Divisional Office- Rs.30,000/-

Sub-Divisional Office- Rs.15,000/-

Gazetted HO-Rs. 75,000/-

HSG HO/MDG/HSG SO -Rs.50,000/-

LSG SO-Rs.30,000/-

Time Scale SO- Rs.15,000/-

Annexure to Schedule V of DFPRs. The power delegated is subject to an overall annual ceiling of Rs. Two Lakh only for the Division as a whole and also after framing of necessary norms on the subject by Directorate

Check the full Financial Power of the Divisional Head Click Here

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