IPPB Issues in detail – DO Letter on 09.05.2019


As you are already aware, the business growth of India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) in the month of April 2019 is not satisfactory. PBI Division along with IPPB had discussed this issue in detail and identified the following reasons for the unsatisfactory business growth in 2019-2020.

Counter PAs are not deployed on IPPB dedicated counters.

2. Services of IPPB are not offered on common counters as end users refused to open IPPB accounts and/ or provide IPPB services to customers.

3. Provision of IPPB services through Saving bank counters, which are busier than MPCM counters and having shorter business hours.

4. Interaction Committee meetings are not held regularly.

5. Division Heads, Sub- Division ASPs /lPs and in – charge of Post Offices are not reviewing the IPPB’s business performance on a daily basis.

6. End users are not aware of all IPPB applications and services like making digital (cashless) payments of POSB products (RD/PPF/SStuLARD) / DoP mail services through IPPB, thus not able to explain the benefits of having IPPB account to existing and new DoP customers

7. Non-promotion of benefits of account linking with IPPB to existing and new POSA customers

8. The reluctance of HO/SO staff in updating the customer’s mobile no. in POSA account, which is pre-requisite for IPPB -POSA linking thus affecting account linking 

9. Customers visiting the Post offices are not informed about IPPB services

10. in-charge of Post office (PlV/SPlVl/BPlVl) not login to the IPPB reports in the system and not tallying the physical cash with system cash

11. Postal staff are not availing IPPB services like Salary account, POSA linking, online fund transfer, bill payments and recharges etc., due to which they are able to appreciate IPPB services

12. End users are not logging into IPPB App, not charging the devices 

13. DBT customers (like MGNREGS wages, old age pension, scholarships, LPG subsidy etc.) should be encouraged to open IPPB accounts to get the benefits of IPPB account

14. Bill payments and recharges through IPPB are not promoted among existing and new customers

15. IPPB camps are not being organized regularly.

16. Door step services and ad-hoc request of customers during the beat by the delivery staff is not popularized

2. The Circle Heads are kindly requested to take action on the above issues raised in the letter and send a report to this Office for submitting the same to Secretary (Posts).

IPPB Issues in detail - DO Letter on 09.05.2019
IPPB Issues in detail – DO Letter on 09.05.2019
IPPB Issues in detail - DO Letter on 09.05.2019
IPPB Issues in detail – DO Letter on 09.05.2019

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