GDS to PA Exam 2019 – 31.07.2016 Exam Paper

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GDS to PA Exam 2019 - 31.07.2016 Exam Paper
GDS to PA Exam 2019 – 31.07.2016 Exam Paper

Download GDS to PA question paper. This question paper is for those candidates who want to know the previous question paper of GDS to PA exam. Follow the below provided link to download this.

Part A: General Knowledge

Q.1. “Teachers day” is celebrated on

A) 5th May
B) 5th July
C) 5th September
D) 5th October
Ans. C) 5th September

Q.2. Which of the following is India’s biggest civilian award?

A) Bharat Bhushan
B) Padmashree
C) Padmavibhushan
D) Bharat Ratna
Ans. D) Bharat Ratna

Q.3. Who is the author of the book – “Natsamrat”?

A) R G Ghatkari
B) V V Shirwadkar
C) P L Deshpamde
D) P K Atre
Ans. B) V V Shirwadkar also known as Kusumagraj

Q.4. Who is known as “Iron Man”?

A) M K Gandhi
B) Sardar Patel
C) Lala Lajpat Ray
D) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
Ans. B) Sardar Patel

Q.5. Who discovered “West Indies”?

A) Vascoda Gama
B) Captain Cook
C) Colambus
D) Marko Polo
Ans. C) Colambus full name Christopher Columbus

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Q.6. Who amongst following can percipient in the proceeding of parliament?

A) Cabinet Secretory
B) Chief justice of Supreme Court
C) Chairman of UPSC
D) Attorney General
Ans. D) Attorney General

Q.7. Giddha is a folk dance of ………………….. sate?

A) Hariyana
B) Himachal Pradesh
C) Punjab
D) Jammu & Kashmir
Ans. C) Punjab

Q.8. Peacoock dance is a folk dance of ……..

A) Tamilnadu
B) Odisha
C) Maharashtra
D) Kerala
Ans. A) Tamilnadu

Q.9. The capital of Turkey is …..

A) Aman
B) Teheran
C) Ankara
D) Muscut
Ans. C) Ankara

Q.10. Which among the following regulate the countries stock market?

Ans. B) SEBI

Q.11. The Judge of Supreme Court hold office till they attain the age of ……….?

A) 58 years
B) 65 Years
C) 60 Years
D) 62 Years
Ans. B) 65 Years

Q.12. A money bill can originate……..

A) Only in Lok Sabha
B) Only in Rajya Sabha
C) Lok Sabha & Rajya Sabha Both
D) None of the above
Ans. A) Only in Lok Sabha

Q.13. Which is the apex organization for industrial finance in our country?

D) SBI (Industry)
Ans. A) IDBI

Q.14. An orange is each source of ……

A) Vitamin A
B) Vitamin B
C) Vitamin C
D) Vitamin D
Ans. C) Vitamin C

Q.15. The adult human skeleton consist of ……… number of Bones.

A) 228
B) 240
C) 198
D) 206
Ans. D) 206

Q.16. The first women IPS officer who won a Magsaysay awards is …..

A) Kiran Bedi
B) Usha Sharma
C) Indira Goswami
D) Jamini Roy
Ans. A) Kiran Bedi

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