GDS To PA Exam 2019 – Knowledge of Postal and Mail Operations

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Some important questions regarding GDS to PA Exam 2019 – Knowledge of Postal and Mail Operations. This question is set according to Revised Eligibility Criteria For Promotion Of GDS To Postal Assistant paper II part A&B

GDS To PA Exam 2019 – Knowledge of Postal and Mail Operations
GDS To PA Exam 2019 – Knowledge of Postal and Mail Operations

Chapter  No  I

Q1    Ministry  of communication  and information technology was formed January   1985
           Q2     Speed Post Pass Port service  was launched     5th March 2001
Q3     Direct Post  was introduced   June 2005  
Q4      Express parcel Post was re launched  March 1999  
Q5      Logistic Post  services was introduced   13th August 2004
Q6     E post service was introduced      January  2004               
Q7     Bill mail service  was introduced   September  2003  
Q8      Business Development Group  was formed in Postal Department 1st April  1999  
Q9      IMO  serviced  was introduced Jan 2006  
Q11     Consumer Protection Act (COPRA)  introduced 1986  
Q12      Pin code system  was introduced 15th Aug 1972  
Q13               E Post Service Commenced   2nd August 2001
Q14     Corporate  Money Order Service was introduced    1st May 1995  
Q15   Post Forum  was introduced   10th  September 1990  
Q16    The Surface Airlifted (SAL)  was introduced 1st  April 1999  
Q17     Speed Post service launched 1st August 1986  
Q18   One India one rate service in speed Post was  introduced on 21 August 2006  
Q19    Western Union Money Service was launched  in India April  2001  
Q20   The PLI scheme  was introduced  1884
Q21    When was sorting of letters  in rail  brought into operation During 1837
Q22   When was the first automatic Telephone Exchange established 1914  
Q23   When was the first mail motor van brought in to service 1905  in England  
Q24     When did  the first Air Mail service started 1911  
Q25     When did the VP system introduced 1877
Q26     Money order was introduced   1880  
Q27      The Post office savings Bank was introduced   1882  
Q28        Rural PLI  was introduced   1995  
Q29       The RMS  service   was started   1907  
Q30       The Airmail  service  was started in India   1911  
Q31      Meghdoot  Award in postal department  was introduced 1984  
Q31       Retail Post was introduced   August 2000  
Q32       Greeting Post was introduced 6th September 2000  
Q33      QMS was introduced in India 1975  
Q34    Senior  Citizen scheme was introduced   2004  
Q35    P& T  welfare Advisory board was formed 1956    

Chapter  No 2 

Q1     SB – 5  denotes

     a. Pass Book     c . Pay in  Slip   c. SB  LOT

Q2.  For each Sub Post office , the  ————— will  fix the authorized stock  of Pass Book.

   a. Head Post master      b. Sub Divisional Heads            c. Divisional  Heads

Q3.  When a  Pass  Book is made over by a depositor to a Post offices for a dispatch to another Post office , it should be dispatched by —————

a. Ordinary  Post   b. Service registered Post c. Registered Post

Q4. The  pay – in – slip can be filled either in English or in Hindi or the regional language

The above  said statement  is  

  a. True   b. False

Q5  All transactions as and when  they  occur will be entered in a  ————-

a. Stock  Book   b. rough  book    c. Long Book

Q6   A person can open two  joint accounts with two different partners at the same post office.

The above  said statement  is  

  a. True   b. False

Q7   The Joint ‘B’ Type of account  can be  opened in NREGA

The above  said statement  is  

  a. True   b. False

Q8 At the time  of  opening of individual savings account the —————of  the depositor is necessary  .

a. Introduction   b . Identification  c. None of the above

Q9. The intial deposit for opening  of savings account shall  be accepted in cash wef

a. 01.01.1990   b 05.02.2000  c.12.02.2005

Q10   Workers wages account (NREGA) account  cannot be opened in Joint B Type

The above  said statement  is  

  a. True   b. False

Q11.  If the  depositor has more than one account , the total  balance of all accounts together with his share in a joint account if any, should not exceed Rs

a. 150000   b 100000   c. 200000

Q12  Counter Assistant can accept subsequent deposit  up to   Rs—————- independently  in SB accounts

a. 10000 b. 2000 c.  5000

Q13 SB 103  denotes   

a.  Preliminary  receipt  b .Voucher for Withdrawal  c. Pay – in – slip 

Q14    SB 7  denotes

a. . Pay – in – slip    b .Voucher for Withdrawal    c.  Preliminary  receipt 

Q15   A person holding a power of attorney from the depositor can withdraw  money  from the depositor’s account  in SB account

The above  said statement  is  

  a. True   b. False

Q16    When the amount of withdrawal  (from  SB account  at Branch office )  is more than ——–   then it  should be noted in withdrawal register at Sub office

a. 1000 b. 2000 c. 5000

Q17  when will  issue  memo of Admission of Payment ?

a. warrant of payment is lost before its submission  b . the amount of withdrawal more than 50000/-  c None of the above .

Q18  ———- is generated instead of manual long book  in  Sanchay Post 

a. LOT   b. Journal      c. LIT

Q19  . SB-7A  denotes

a.  Withdrawal form  b. closure  form  c. Pay – in- slip 

Q20    The LSG office can close individual savings accounts (Single or Joint) directly without referring the documents  to the head office .

The above  said statement  is  

  a. True   b. False

Q21  Whenever a transaction   cannot be posted by the HO in a  particular  account for any reason a  remark—————— will be made by the HO  against the entry in LOT

a. not posted  b unposted  c . remain to  post

Q22  The SB 60  denotes 

a. journal  b . SB  Pass  Book  c. LOT

Q23  The  SB slips (SB 27 )  is used for ——————

a. SB document is sent by the HO to SO  b. withdraw money from counter  c. None of the above

Chapter  NO  3

Q1   The CCA  Rules  shall come into force on the ————–

Ans. 1st December, 1965

Q2   The CCA rules shall apply to every Government servant including every civilian Government servant in the Defense Services, but shall not apply to  any railway servant, as defined in Rule 102 of Volume I of the Indian Railways Establishment Code

The above said statement is

Ans. True

Q3 The CCA rules are not applicable for Extra-Departmental Agents in Postal Department

The above said statement is


Q4   An officer under suspension is regarded as subject to all other conditions of service applicable generally to Government servants and cannot t leave the station without prior permission.

The above said statement is


Q5 When will pay the Subsistence Allowance to Central Government Employee?

Ans. When a CGE  is under suspension.

Q6. A Government servant who was deemed to have been placed under suspension on account of his detention or on account of criminal proceedings against him should be paid ———— pay and allowances for the period of suspension if he has been discharged from detention or has been acquitted by a Court.

Ans. a. Full  b. Half                      Answer      a    

Q7.   The Joint ‘B’ Type of account  can be  opened in NREGA

The above  said statement  is  

  a. True   b. False

Q8   Recognition to Service Associations representing Departmental employees in the Department of Posts is granted under the CCS (RSA) Rules, ————–

Ans. 1993.

Q9 The Indian Post Office Act ———

Ans. 1898

Q10 The Government Savings Banks Act ———–

Ans. 1873

Q11 The Government Savings Certificates Act———–

Ans. 1959

Q12   The Post Office Savings Bank General Rules

Ans. 1981

Q13     The Post Office Recurring Deposit Rules

Ans. 1981

Q14   National Savings Scheme Rules

Ans. 1992

Q15  Post Office  (Monthly Income Account) Rules

Ans. 1987

Q16  Indira Vikas Patra Rules

Ans. 1987

Q17 National Savings Certificates (VIII  Issue) Rules

Ans. 1989

Q18  Senior Citizens  Savings Scheme Rules,

Ans. 2004

Q19    RFD means   

Ans. Result Framework  Documents

Q20  P&AO means

Ans. Pay and Accounts Office

Chapter  NO  4

1. A.O. Accounts Office
2. A.O. Accounts Officer
3. A.Os Accounts Officers
4. A.Os. Accounts Officers
5. “A” Accounts
6. Asstt. Assistant
7. A.C.A. Assistant Controller of Accounts
8. Art. Article
9. A/C Account
10. ADG/SP Additional Director General/Service Project
11. Ack. Due Acknowledgment Due
12. AG Accountant General
13. AT Acceptance of Tender
14. Adj. Vr. Adjustment Voucher
15. AT No/SO No. Acceptance of Tender Number/Supply Order Number
16. AT No. Acceptance of Tender Number
17. BSR Broken Seal Register
18. CPM Critical Path Method
19. CRMR Charge, Receipt, Minus Receipt
20. CB Cheques and Bills
21. CEA, IR Children Education Allowance, Interim Relief
22. CCA City Compensatory Allowance
23. CSR/TR Civil Service Regulation / Treasury Rule
24. CIA Chief Inte-arla Auditor
25. “C” Section Costing Section
26. Col. Colonel
27. CR Voucher Certified Receipt Voucher
28. CPt Cubic Foot
39. DA Dearness Allowance
30. Dy. GM Deputy General Allowance
31. DA Dearness Allowance
32 . CCA City Compensatory Allowance,
33. HRA House Rent Allowance
34. DGI Director Accounts Department
35. DP Section Data Processing Section
36. Dy. Manager Deputy Manager
37. DDG/SP Deputy Director General/Service Project
38. DOS Director of Riddance Services
39. DCA Deputy Controller of Accounts
40. D (D) Vr. Deficiency (Discrepancy) Voucher
41. D of S & D Director of Supply and Disposal
42. DV Disbursement of Voucher
43. DPS Daily Payment Sheet
44. EDP Electronic Data Processing
45. EL Earned Leave
46. Ftr. Factories
47. Fire Wood (Ord) Fire Wood (Ordinary)
48. FR Part I Financial Regulation Part I
49. GM General Manager
50. GMs General Managers
51. Gr. I Grade-One
52. Gr. II Grade-Two
53. Govt. Government
54. G.P. Fund General Provident Fund
55. GB Garrison Engineer
56. HQrs. Headquarters
57. I. Es Industrial Employees
58. I. Note Inspection Note
59. Issue Vr. Issue Voucher
60. I.P.W. Individual Piece Worker
61. IT Idle Time
62. I/c In Charge
63. IPW/GPW Individual Piece Worker/Gang Piece Worker
64. IPW/PW Individual Piece Worker/Piece Worker
65. IFD Inter Factory Demand
66. ID Schedule Inter Department Schedule
67. IBM 1401-M International Business Management 1401-M
68. ID List Inter Department List
69. IFD Items Inter Factory Demand Items
70. Jt. GM Joint General Manager
71. KOD Kind of Document
72. LTC Leave Travel Concession
73. LP Leave with Pay
74. LPC Last Pay Certificate
75. L.P. Bills/LP Local Purchase Bills/Local Purchase
76. LAO Local Audit Officer
77. LAOs Local Audit Officers
78. LAOs Hand Book Local Audit Officers Hand Book
79. LP/CP/FP Local Purchase/Central Purchase/Foreign Purchase
80. MRO Military Receivable Order
81. MT Vehicle Motor Transport Vehicle
82. M/s Material Section
83. MES Military Engineering Service
84. M.C. Note Military Credit Note
85. MI Slip Material Inward Slip
86. MT Store Motor Transport Store
87. NIES/NGOs Non Industrial Employees/Non Gazetted Officers
88. NDA/NSB Night Duty Allowance/Night Shift Bonus
89. NMD Non Military Department
90. OTA Overtime Allowance
91. OM Pt. VI Office Manual Part VI
92. OM Pt. II Vol. II Office Manual Part II Volume II
93. PM Punching Medium
94. PW Piece Worker
95. P+DA+CCA Pay+Dearness Allowance+City Compensatory Allowance
96. Pay+DA+CCA Pay+Dearness Allowance +City Compensatory Allowance
97. PW Profit Piece Work Profit
98. PSA Schedule Priced Store Account Schedule
99. P&AO Pay and Accounts Office
100. PAOs Pay & Accounts Offices
101. PSA Priced Store Account
102. PSS Priced Store Schedule
103. PSL Priced Store Ledger
104. PSA Adjustment Priced Store Account Adjustment
105. PSA Code Priced Store Account Code
106. PAR Package Accounting Register
107. PD Ledger Priced Production Ledger
108. PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique
109. Qty. Quantity
110. Q 1 and Q 2 Quantity One and Quantity Two
111. R&D Research and Development
112. RT. Vr. Receipt Voucher
113. Rly. Receipt Railway Receipt
114. Rt. Vr. No. Receipt Voucher No
115. SWO Drafts/SWODs Supplementary Work Order Drafts
116. Sr. A.O. Senior Accounts Officer
117. SO (A) Section Officer (Accounts)
118. “S” Section Store Section
119. State A.G. State Accountant General
120. S or D Services Stock or Deposit Services
121. SV Group & AO Stock Verification Group and Accounts Office
122. SV Group Stock Verification Group
123. S.O. Rate/AT Rate Supply Order Rate/Acceptance of Tender Rate
124. TA/LTC Travelling Allowance/Leave Travel Concession
125. T Section Transportation Section
126. TA Travelling Allowance
127. TB Tuberculosis
128. TA/DA Travelling Allowance/Daily Allowance
129. TDE Technical Development Establishment
130. TPC Tender Purchase Committee
131. V1 and V2 Value-One and Value-Two
132. Vr. Voucher
133. Vr. No. Voucher Number
134. Wt. No. Warrant Number
135. WO No./WO Work Order Number/Work Order
136. WC Act/CSR Workmen Compensation Act/Central Civil Service Regulation
137. BMP Basic Metallurgical Project
138. HAPP Heavy Alloy Penetrator Project
139. A & E Ammunition and Explosives
140. Fys Factories
141. AFA-I Assistant Financial Adviser-I
142. AFA-II Assistant Financial Adviser-II
143. Dy. Director/PAC Deputy Director/Public Accounts Committee
144. Accounts (Fys) Accounts (Factories)
145. Member (Pers.) Member (Personnel)
146. PERS Div. Personnel Division
147. Member/P&MM Member/Planning and Material Management
148. P&MM Planning and Material Management
149. Member TS Member Technical Development and Services
150. TS Division Technical Development and Services Division
151. DPS Data Processing Section

Chapter  No 5 

MO1( H ) Book of MO(HO)
MO1(B) Book of MO (SO)
MO 51 VPMO  form
NC-(A)  Preliminary receipt to be issued by a Postmaster when savings certificates applied for are not available (HO)
NC -4 ( a) Preliminary receipt to be issued by a Postmaster when savings certificates applied for are not available (SO)
NC- 51 Form of application for nomination
NC-53 Application form for cancellation of variation or variation of nomination
NC- 60 PO Certificate claim application
NC -61 Bond of Identity
NC-69 Form of application for purchase of KVP
NC-71 Application for purchase of NSC VIII Issue
RP-13 Customers Declaration form
RP-36( Medium)  Insured envelope
RP-54 Acknowledgement Card
RP-55 VP article Receipt
RP- 58 Delivery Slip
RP-69 Special Journal ( Parcel Branch)
RP-70 Special Journal (  Registration Branch)
SB-5 Savings Bank Pass Book
SB -5 (g) Recurring Bank Pass Book
SB -5 (h) Time deposit Pass Book
SB -5 (J) Public provident fund pass Book
SB -5 (k) Pass Book for security Account
SB-5 (q) MIS Pass Book
SB-6 Specimen Signature Book
SB-7 Application for withdrawal
SB-25 Indemnity Bond
SB-26 Preliminary Receipt
SB-103 Pay –in Slip
SB-107 Public provident ledger cards
ACG -2 Treasures Cash Book
ACG-3 Sub office Summary
ACG -1 HO summary
ACG-4 Head of Office Cash Book
ACG-14 Memo of Authorised Balance
ACG-84 Memo of Monthly Cash Balance
ACG-108 Bill for provisional  pension/family pension/DCRG/Gratuity
APP-56 History Sheet
Corr-22 Docket form
CPT-1 Register of  Complaints
CPT-5 Acknowledgement of Complaints
CPT-7 Intimation of transfer of complaints
CPT-21 Disposal of Public complaints
Est-55 Verification  memo of services
Form D Nomination for death cum retirement gratuity
FMO-8 List of Void MOS
FP-19 Customs declaration form
Genl-29 Application for  final withdrawal from GPF
LI-35 Application for PLI Loan
LI-10 (a) Proposal for PLI
M-1 Mail List
M-10 Check Slip
M-26 Test Post card
MO-12 Redirection Slip
MO-19 List of Void money order
MO-60 Stock Book of IPOs
MO-62 Journal of Indian Postal orders sold
MO-66 Journal of Indian Postal Paid
MO-75 HVMO List
MS-2 Error Book
MS-18 Book of Post marks
MS-27 Postman ‘s Book
MSOT-27 Service Book
NC-10 Advice of payment of cash certificates
NC-18 Journal of PO Certificate issued (HO)
NC-18(S) Journal of PO Certificate
NC-19 Journal  of PO certificate Discharged
NC-19(s) Journal of PO Certificate Discharged (s)

Chapter   No  7

Class   of Bag Abbreviation Contents
Account Bag A Accounting Docments, Cash/Stamps ( Exchage Between HO- SO)
Branch Office bag B Accounting Documents , Cash/Stamps and mail Exchanged between A/C office – BO
Station Mail Bag D Mail Bag without parcel List
Letter Bag L Unregistered mails On ly
Station Mail Bag M Mail bag with parcel List from RMS to PO
Parcel Bag P Regd/VP Parcels/insured Bag
Packet bag PKT Empty Canvas Bag Exchanged between PO and RMS
Regd Bag R Regd/VP Letters, Ins Envelope , MOS
Regd Packet Bag RP Bulk Regd/VP Packets
Sorting Mail bag S Mail Bag with Parcel List from PO to RMS
Speed Post Bag SP Speed Post articles /Spe Post Mos
Transit Bag TB Several bags with Mail List intendend  to give protection and reduce number  of bags

Chapter No   8

Question Answer
What is the current rate of interest on savings accounts?    3.5 %  
How many single Savings accounts may be opened by an adult in his own name in any post office?   Only Once  
How many adults may open a joint savings account? 2 or 3  
Where is the minimum age for opening a single savings account by a minor himself in his name?
10 year  
How many savings accounts can be opened by a minor in his own name?   Only once  
In which form the amount for opening a savings account can be presented whether by a cash or cheque or demand draft   By  Cash  
What is the fee for making a nomination in a  savings account first time?   No Fee  
What is the fee for getting the nomination altered in a savings account   One Rupee  
In what manner the fee for getting the nomination cancelled in a savings account to be paid?   A fee of Rs 1/-  ( This will be paid in the shape of Postage Stamp and affixed on the application form)  
How many times withdrawal can be made from a savings account standing at a BO in a day?   Only Once  
How many time withdrawal can be made from a savings account standing at HO or SO   Any number of times  
Up to what amount payment order for withdrawal from a savings account may be sanctioned by a Branch Postmaster?   Rs  5000/-  
What minimum balance should remain in a savings account without cheque book after withdrawal? Rs 50 /-   
What minimum balance should remain in a savings account with cheque book facility after withdrawal?   Rs  500/-  
Whether nomination facility is available in savings account opened in the name of a minor by his guardian? No  
Whether a minor can appoint a messenger for making a withdrawal from the savings account opened by him in his /her name?   No, minor has to attend the post office personally to withdraw money from his/her account  
Whether it is compulsory to present the passbook on the counter of the post office at the time of making a withdrawal by cheque from a savings account with cheque book facility?   No  
What minimum amount may be withdrawn by a cheque from a savings account? Rs 20/-
While calculating interest in a single savings ccount, what may be the maximum IBB in a calendar month?   Rs  100000/-  
While calculating interest in a joint savings account, what may be the maximum IBB in a calendar month?           Rs 200000/-  
By which post office annual interest is calculated in a savings account?   By  HPO  
After how many consecutive financial years without any transaction a savings account is treated as a silent account? 3 years  
Whether the amounts of annual interest offered in a savings account may be treated as transactions in that account?     No   
If in a savings account, the balance has reached the prescribed maximum, whether it may be treated as silent account after no transaction has taken place during three consecutive financial years?   No  
What is the fee for issue of duplicate passbook of a savings account?   Rs 10/-  
Which office issues duplicate passbook of a savings account standing at department SO?   Same SO where the accounts stands .  
Whether a pension savings account may be closed itself by LSG  SO  by calculating current year’s interest?   No  closure is to be permitted by  HO  
What is the fee for getting a savings account transferred from one post office to another PO? No Fee  
Whether one of the depositors of a joint B  savings account can get that account transferred from one post office to another by signing the application for transfer himself only?   No  all the account holders are required to sign  
Whether savings account deceased depositor can be transferred from one post office to another No  
Whether a savings account which has been ordered to be closed, maybe got transferred from one post office to another?   NO  
How many persons can be nominated by the depositor of a savings account?   Any  number of persons can be  nominated  

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