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The department of posts introduced RICT and DARPAN in Branch post offices. The GDS BPMs have to perform all kinds of transactions on RICT machines including B.O. Daily Account. Implementation of RICT must be after complete success of the scheme. Lots of problems are being faced by the staff, mainly because of network issues. At least in future all precautions should be taken before implementation of the said schemes. The GDS BPMs are facing following Problems.

RICT - Problems and Solution
RICT – Problems and Solution

(i) Proper signals are not available during working hours. Due to network problem they are waiting for hours to open the device.

(ii) The device went back to login for every two minutes.

(iii) Finger Print Scanner is too poor responsive.

(iv) Transactions Failure after submitting the transaction.

(v) RICT Device keyboard is not so sufficient to perform BOs work quickly. and many more.

As we try to understand “RICT – Problems and Solution” then we have to know the solutions of the above problems facing by GDS BPM.

RICT – Problems and Solution, Network Issue :-

1st and main problem of RICT Device is the capacity of Network. Maximum branch post office of India Post is located in rural and poor network coverage area. Many network operator’s signal are not available where office is located.

The another problem is RICT Device is inbuilt with 2G technology which is old and backdated also. As its hardware is developed for 2G technology so its could not upgrade to 4G or above.

#Solutions : There may be to type of solution for this above network problem.

(i) Provide external antenna for capturing wide area network because 3G antenna is not enough to capture network from wide area.

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(ii) Install wi-fi application in RICT device to connect 4G network i.e Jio or other network which is available.

RICT – Problems and Solution, Server Issue :-

There is another most important problem is RICT Server problem. RICT server capacity is too low compare to existing BO in Department of Post. If 20 to 25 BPM work at a time then its shows transaction failure. So, at fist need to increase the server capacity that minimum 50 to 60 thousand BPM can performed their transactions at a time in a same application. there is also two type of Solution may be.

(i) Increase server capacity to smooth functionality of Branch Post office.

(iii) Applications improvement. There is also need to improve the existing applications, bug fixes and add some more feature for batter customer satisfactions.

The above solicitations is not enough to solve the problems of Branch Post office. If I say in one word “RICT Device is wastage of money” you know why? because its not for any office work, its for POS transaction to collect payment from customer. This device is not comfortable to cover the vast work of Post office.

The main solution is to provide computers and printers to Branch offices in place of hand held devices to work efficiently without interruption and this job can make office like office.

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