Regarding strict adherence of IPPB Cash Management SOP

Order & Circular

F. No. 1-2412016-PBl (Vol.lll) pt
Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(PBl Division)

Sansad Marg, Dak Bhawan
New Delhi, Dated: 25th March, 2019


2. All GM Finance/ DAPs

Subject: Regarding strict adherence of IPPB Cash Management SOP.


The agreed Cash Management arrangement between Dthe department of Posts (DoP) and India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) provides that DoP will provide cash to conduct IPPB transactions at Post Offices counters and doorstep. Accordingly, a Cash Management SoP has been prepared & circulated to all the Circles for strict adherence and same is available on the India post website at Employee Corner — Circular section – with IPPB subject (http://utilities.cept.qov. inidop/pdfbind.ashx?id=3030). However, it has been reported that post offices are not adhering to steps involved in the approved SoP due to which a case of fraud/ misappropriation of cash has been detected in Arunachal Pradesh of North East Circle.

2. Post Masters/Sub Post Masters are not tallying the physical cash received from the postmen and linked Branch Post Offices with the system report available to them. As a result of this it is possible that actual physical cash may fall short from system cash, due to which Department may suffer losses as cash settlement between DoP and IPPB is done centrally on the basis of system report.

3. All the circles are requested to ensure that SoP is strictly adhered to at each level from the end user to Post office till respective DAPs and physical cash is reconciled on daily basis without fail with the system MIS for that purpose. It is also requested that inspecting authorities may be directed immediately to ensure that each HO and SO is following the Cash Management SoP and reconciliation is done on daily basis for all the Branch Post Offices/ IPPB access points under that account office.

4. Compliance report may be submitted within one month of this letter.

(T.Q. Mohammad)

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