Lok Sabha Election 2019 – What is the Role & Payment of GDS?

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Lok Sabha Election 2019 has been declared on Sunday, 10th Match of 2019. Voting will be conducted in seven phases for the Lok Sabha election 2019. The first phase of voting will take place on April 11 while the last phase will be held on May 19. The results of the election will be announced on May 23rd, 2019.

Lok Sabha Election 2019
Lok Sabha Election 2019

But the question is, what will be the role of Gramin Dak Sevak (GDS) in Lok Sabha Election 2019? In previous Lok Sabha Election GDS has appointed as a polling officer.

In this election “Lok Sabha Election 2019 “, election commission has take a willingness from Gramin Dak Sevak as this a central election. So, its confirmed that the GDS may be called by election commission of India for performing their duty as polling officer.

This election will be a challenging election for ever for election commission of India; Another challenge is for polling officer also. Although “Lok Sabha Election 2019” will be happen by the protection of Central Police then their is a challenge for polling officer to performed their duty smoothly.

There is a another question is what is the payment for performing election duty? The enhanced rate of Polling Staff Remuneration is as below.

Sl No. Designation Remuneration @ per day
1 Presiding Officer(PO) Rs. 2000/- (2000*3=6000/-)
2 Assistant Presiding Officer(APO) Rs. 1500/- (1500*3=4500/-)
3 Polling Officer Rs. 1000/- (1000*3=3000/-)
4 Naib Qasid Rs. 2000/- (Limp Sum)

*****This data collect from previous election.

Hope, this article will helpful for those GDS employees who want to know the role of GDS in Lok Sabha Election 2019. Best of luck all of who will perform this duty.

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