IPPB Revised Incentive Structure for GDS & Others Employee

Order & Circular

India Post Payment Banks (IPPB) has revised their incentive structure on 02-02-2019 with an official circular no. 2018-19/sales operation/06. GDS and others employee will be benefited by this end user incentive structure. The end user incentive parameter has approved by the competent authority.

At the time of opening IPPB, there was an incentive only in Current Account at the rate of 50/per account opening but nothing any incentive in Savings Account.

Now the IPPB declared the incentive at the rate of 10 rupees per Savings Account. This will help the last mile agent and employee who engage the this IPPB’s operations.

Follow the IPPB – End User Incentive Structure (Circular No.06 dtd 05-02-2019)

IPPB revised their incentive
IPPB revised their incentive

IPPB revised their incentive

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