Come Back to the Ayushmann Project, Request of the Modi government to State Administration.

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Come Back to the Ayushmann Project, Request of the Modi government to  State Administration.
Come Back to the Ayushmann Project, Request of the Modi government to State Administration.

Narendra Modi’s government requested Mamata Banerjee’s administration to come back to the ‘Ayushman Bharat’ project from their position firmly. Indu Bhushan, CEO of National Health Authority (NHSA), who is in charge of implementing the project, wrote a letter to state health secretary Rajib Sinha on Friday night, saying, “Review the decision considering the medical insurance of 10 million poor people of the state.” If necessary to meet the misunderstanding, I wanted to sit down and talk. He said, if you want, health secretary can talk to Delhi.

But the state has gone out of the project by throwing allegations against him as a baseless person, Indu Bhushan. Modi said at the BJP’s National Working Committee meeting in Delhi this day, “Is Narendra Modi’s name before the name of Ayushmann project? The team from itself, the country is bigger than the team. That’s our reform. “

Health building is however silent One official said, “The Chief Minister will decide what will happen in this matter.”

Healthcare secretary sent a letter to Delhi on Thursday, seeking to get out of ‘Ayushman Bharat ‘. Delhi has responded within 24 hours. Indu Bhushan writes, ‘The letter about’ India of Descent ‘is not a’ entitlement letter ‘or consumer card. This is just a medium of promotion of the project. This is one of the widespread publicity programs that have been taken on the project. “His claim is that this letter is not contrary to the mu with the state. Rather, the steps that will be taken to spread across the country to the public have been reported to all the states in September.

Copy of the letter written to the state health secretary.

Indu Bhushan further said, the consumer card of “Ayushman Bharat-Sashthasathi” project will be created, the only service provider card for medical insurance. The two projects will have names and logos.

After this, the NHA chief has complained to the state that, according to MoU’s 6 (n) section, all of this project needs to be mentioned in the context of India-Healthy Living. For branding the project, it is important to write a living name in India. The center, which is paying 60% of the premium, needs to be mentioned. But the website does not even mention that on the website. It has been said that the whole state of insurance is paying the state. This is also a contravention of the contract. ‘

Delhi also wrote a letter to the state, and earlier this year the same scheme named as State Health Insurance Scheme has been going on since 2008. The card that was distributed in it was the property of the Indian government. The state government also paid 40% of the premium on that project. If there is so much objection to India, why so much objection!

After this, Indu Bhushan wrote, ‘175 crore has already been given. 50 lakhs or 25% of the state’s households were getting access to healthcare projects. After arrival in India, 1.1 million or 55% households get 5 lakh rupees insurance coverage. The State wants to deprive the poor of the poor of the state of getting out of this project, but the state is reluctant to go ahead with it. One of the health officials said, “Already the letter containing pictures of Modi in 40 lakh families has gone. BJP is doing politics by sending Modi’s letter from the house before the vote. “

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