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Implementation of approved recommendations of Kamlesh Chandra Committee on Limited Transfer Facility for all categories of Gramin Dak Sevaks (GDS). DOP Issued orders No.17-31/2016-GDS Dated 04-01-2019.

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Government of India
Ministry of Communications
Department of Posts
(CDS Section)

Dak Bhawan, Sansad Marg,
New Delhi .110001
Dated: 04/01/2019

Office Memorandum

Sub: Implementation of approved recommendations of Kamlesh Chandra Committee on Limited Transfer Facility for all categories of Gramie Dale Sevaks (GDS).

The undersigned is directed to refer to letters (i) No. 19-10/2004-GDS dated 17-07-2006, No. (ii) 19-10/2004-GDS (part) dated 21/22-07-2010, (iii) No. 19-10/2004-GDS (part) dated 19.03.2012 and No. 19-10/2004-GDS (part) dated 10.04.2012 regarding Limited Transfer Facility for Gramin Dak Sevaks.

2. after taking into consideration the approved recommendation of Kamalesh Chandra Committee on Limited Transfer Facility and in suppression of all previous orders regarding transfer of Gramin Dak Sevaks, the competent authority has approved the following guidelines to regulate the Limited Transfer Facility for Gramin Dak Sevaks:-

(a) Conditions of Transfer

(i) The maximum number of chances to be provided for Male GDSs is one only and Two for female GDSs.

(ii) The Transfer will be his/her own request and own cost to a vacant post at his/her place of choice to his/her/spouse home village or home division or a place recommended for medical treatment.

(iii) A minimum engagement period of three years from the date of regular engagement on GDS post will be mandatory, before transfer request can be entertained. In additions, all verification formalities viz (Cast, Education and Police Verification reports etc.) should have been completed.

(iv) Transfer request of GDS who are under put of duty or against whom any disciplinary actions, Police case or Court case are pending will be not be entertained.

(v) Past engagement period will be counted for accessing the eligibility for appearing in departmental examination as well as for annual increment. GDS will not have any claim to go back to the previous engagement/recruitment unit/division in any circumstances.

(vi) When a GDS is transferred at his/her own request and the transfer is approved by the competent authority he/she will rank junior in the seniority list of the new unit, to all the GDS of that unit who exist in the seniority list on the date on which the transfer is ordered, except in case of transfer within the same engagement/recruitment Sub-Division/unit/Division.

(vii) GDS can be transferred for his/her request in following circumstance:-

(a) BPM Level 2 to BPM Level 2 in TRCA slab 3.
(b) BPM Level 1 to BPM Level 1 in TRCA slab 2.
(c) ABPM/Dak Sevaks Level 2 to ABPM/Dak Sevaks Level 2 in TRCA slab 2
(d) ABPM/Dak Sevaks Level 1 to ABPM/Dak Sevaks Level 1 in TRCA slab 1

(viii) There will not be any drop in TRCA slab on account of a request transfer and number of Increment earned by GDS will be retained.

(b) Competent Authority

(i) The transfer of GDSs will be approved by regional PMG if the transfer is within the region and by the head of circle, if the transfer is within the circle. The approval of two concerned heads will be required if transfer between two circles.

(c) Process of Transfer

(i) Applications of transfer should be call for during April – June every year.

(ii) An Application will be submitted to the Divisional head on a prescribe proforma attached herewith as Annexure I. The Application will be submitted through the head of the engagement/recruitment unit/division duly recommended.

(iii) Divisional head will submitted all the application to approving authority through proper channel.

(iv) A separate register in prescribe proforma attached herewith in Annexure II is to be maintained at circle office/Regional Office/Divisional Office for recording transfer request for all categories of GDS.

(v) All the applications received will be arranged in order of seniority from the date of engagement of GDS and the order of transfer may be issued during July.

3. The above instruction will be come into effect from the date of issue of this OM.

4. The instructions will be uploaded in India Post employees corners website for information of all concerned.

5. Hindi version will follow.

(SB Vyavshare)
Assistant Director General (GDS/PCC)
Tele No. 011-23096629
Email –

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