GDS Annual Increment – Illegal Order Issued by DoP

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Why 3% Increment is Beneficial for Gramin Dak Sevak?
Why 3% Increment is Beneficial for Gramin Dak Sevak?
GDS Annual Increment : Comparison present implementation with previous committee. As per Nataraja murthy Committee recommendations orders dated 09.10.2009.
GDS recruited before 2006 : Annual Increase will be allowed after completion of 12 months continuous service from that date i.e.1.1.2006
GDS recruited after 1.1.2006 : In respect of Gramin Dak Sevaks newly appointed on or after 01/01/20106, their TRCA will be fixed at the minimum of new TRCA slab and the next annual increase should be allowed after completion of one year’s continuous service, from the date of their engagement.
Present implementation order dated 25.06.2018:
The next annual increase will be effected after completion of 12 months of continuous engagement from the  date of implementation of TRCA.( for all GDS before and after 1.1.2016 )
Due to illegal order issued by DoP on 25.06.2018 regarding implementation of GDS Pay Committee Report in r/o annual increase
Each and every GDS will loose the amount of Rs.1,000 per month on an average as on date of implementation.

“If it is calculated for one year i.e; 1000×12 months = Rs.12,000
And it is calculated for all GDS i.e; 12,000 × 3,00,000 = 36000,00,000
i.e; 360 crores per year
For remaining years i.e 7 years ×360 crores = 2520 Crores.”

So , total amount of loss to  GDS in r/o Government implementation on GDS Pay Committee Report is 3,100 crores + 2,520 crores = 5,620 crores.
Present Government of India decides the following as a scam which costs only 1,437 crores.
Bofore scam: A timeline of the 31-year-old, Rs 1,437-cr India-Sweden deal.
We asked the present Government of India to declare the details of  scam of Rs.5,620 Crores regarding non providing the basic facilities to GDS in r/o implementation of GDS Pay Committee Report.
This article  written by
Ch.Laxmi Narayana,
Circle  Secretary-AP,

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