Proposed Account Opening Process for DOP Staff Salary Accounts in IPPB

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The process can be classified into three categories –
1. For Micro-ATM Users
2. For Desktop users (PAs/ Super Users)
3. All other DoP Staff
1. For Micro-ATM Users –
There is an automated process for updating the accounts opened for Postmen/ GDS. Upon first login, users will be prompted to open their accounts. These accounts will be automatically updated in the Agent Management System (AMS).
2. For Desktop Users / Super Users–
These would include Postal Assistants, Assistant Post Masters, Deputy Post Masters, Post Masters, ASP/ IPO’s etc in the Agent Hierarchy. Since the accounts for all the aforementioned Users/ Super users will be opened through assisted channels, the accounts can be opened in SBREG Scheme (Which can be upgraded into SBDOP Scheme) or SBDOP scheme directly.
Thereafter, a list of these accounts need to be collated and uploaded into AMS (Agent Management System) at IPPB Branch level for the following:
(Please note that this uploading of the accounts into AMS by the IPPB Branch Manager is important for the receiving of any incentive by the End Users/ super Users)
For uploading in AMS – The account details can be uploaded into AMS one by one or through Batch upload functionality by respective IPPB Branch Manager/ Area Operations Manager.
3. For All other DoP staff: They can open an SBDOP account directly by providing their Employee ID (To be duly validated by the End User from the document provided) in any of the assisted channels like Micro-ATM or CBS counter. The employee IDs of such accounts may be verified by IPPB as and when required.
DOP order for Opening Of DOP Staff Salary Accounts With India Post Payments Bank (IPPB)

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