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Dear Comrades,

The CHQ is receiving number of phone calls and messages on the orders of implementation of GDS Committee report.

It is well aware that on 25th June 2018, orders have been issued on prime recommendations viz., Drawal of arrears, Pay fixation including DA & Annual increase, some Allowances.  After that on 27th June 2018 orders on Maternity Leave to women GDS, GDS Gratuity, Severance Amount, SDBS have been released.

It is observed that there are some deviations / modifications from the true spirit of the recommendations of the GDS Committee to the orders / instructions given for implementation.

Our CHQ is keenly pursuing the situation and requesting the members to discuss about the observations made on the orders issued to give feedback to CHQ. Further requesting to hold conventions, meetings with well-wishers, senior comrades including the concerning officials in the division for good awareness about the implementation of the positive recommendations of the GDS committee.

It is informed that the instructions on the implementation of the orders are yet to be received by many divisions from RO/CO. In some divisions, drawal of arrears is being made by depositing amount in POSB accounts of respective GDS.

The much resentment is expressed by GDS comrades all over the country on the drawal of lesser amounts regarding arrears from 01-01-2016 and also on the modification of recommendations. Still many more orders / instructions are to be released on many positive recommendations in due course.

However, all GDS unions are having a common understanding for the cause of GDS regarding the implementation of positive recommendations of GDS Committee. Future course of action will be decided soon and all details will be communicated to the members.

Fraternally yours,


General Secretary



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  1. Sir does it means in some divisions arrears are given and in the rest of the divisions orders are yet to be issued by circle offices and regional offices?

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