How Poor GDS are Cheated by DOP & Govt.?

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How Poor GDS are Cheated by DOP & Govt.
How Poor GDS are Cheated by DOP & Govt.

Recently Department of Post (DOP) implement GDS Report on 25.06.2018 & 27.06.2018. In 1st phase they implement only New TRCA Slab, Yearly Increment, and Revised Allowances & in 2nd phase implement only Social Security Scheme (Like SDBS, GDS Gratuity & Severance Amount) and Maternity Leave. Many recommendation are pending to implement.

Firstly GDS’s are cheated by Government of India. Govt. setup one man committee for examine the pay and allowance of Gramin Dak Sevak on 19.11.2015. The Committee had submitted it’s report to the Government on 24.11.2016 with in his time period. Govt. 1st cheated the GDS for taking time for considering the revised pay and allowance of Gramin Dak Sevak from November 2016 to Jun 2018.

If government had any positive intention to implement the positive recommendation of Gramin Dak Sevak Committee Report they could did it with in fortnight. They keep it in hand to delay the implementation.

Finally Government approved the recommendation on 06.06.2018 at cabinet and released 1257 cr. rupees to drawl to the GDS as New pay and arrears payment. Check below calculation, how department cheat the GDS also.

Presently department has approx 2,47,000 (Two Lac Forty Seven Thousand) GDS. If DOP give them full payment then Per GDS will get average (12,57,0000000/247000)=50,890/- as arrears. But DOP don’t do this. They introduce a new calculation method to give less than less arrears to the GDS.

If Govt. & DOP give pay and arrears to the GDS as per Committee Report then all GDS has been get near a Lac Rupee as arrears. Not only this, Govt. approved committee report from 01.01.2016 but DOP order to implement report from 01.07.2018. It mean no increment will get paid to the GDS for last 30 month. GDS lose their enhanced increment with pay and DA on this.

Department refused to accept the below recommendation.

Scheme Recommendation Implementation
Date of Effect 01.01.2016 01.07.2018
Arrears Payment From Enhanced TRCA From Pre revised TRCA
Gratuity 5,00,000/- 1,50,000/-
Severance Amount 5,00,000/- 1,50,000/-
SDBS 500/- 300/-
Allowance Introduce New Allowance Revised old Allowance
Leave Ordinary Leave 30 Days in a Year Return Paid Leave 20 Days (not Confirmed)

Till now many recommendation are pending to implement. In this way Poor GDS are Cheated by DOP & Govt. This is not a acceptable matters. GDS now need to be unit to fight against the decision of government and departments of post.

Read how department ignore the calculation process of GDS pay committee?

GDS Pay Committee Report Implementation order published on 25.06.2018 at India Post website. After studying the order this is come know that there is nothing any positive implementation which is recommended by committee. Only recommended wages scale (New TRCA), Yearly Increment is implemented.

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Revised GDS TRCA Calculator is design for calculation of take home of GDS. This calculator will show you, your New TRCA Slab, Designation & Level, Basic Pay, DA and much more, which you need calculate your pay by selecting your Old TRCA in respective Cell.

DOP issued an order on 25.06.2018 regarding implementation of GDS Pay Committee Report 2016. As per the Implementation order, a 15th pages report submitted by department. They (DOP) now clear the New TRCA Slab, 3% Increment, Admissible Allowance and Dearness Allowance (DA)…. Read More.

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Want to Gramin Dak Sevak Extra Income & It’s Procedure?

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