GDS Revised Arrears Calculator with New Pay

GDS Revised Arrears Calculator with New Pay
GDS Revised Arrears Calculator with New Pay

Download GDS Revised Arrears Calculator with New Pay to Calculate GDS’s total arrears with new TRCA slab, designation & level.

How to Calculate :

  • Enter your Basic TRCA as on 01.01.2016. Make sure that you are join on or before 01.01.2006 because calculator will be ad yearly increment on 01.01.2017 & 01.01.2018. If you join after 01.01.2006, you can also calculate your new TRCA slab, designation & level. will be fixed but there will some difference in arrears.
    GDS Revised Arrears Calculator with New PayGDS Revised Arrears Calculator with New Pay
  •  Enter your name (optional).
  • And click “Fetch Details”. you will see next window as below.
  • GDS Revised Arrears Calculator with New Pay
    GDS Revised Arrears Calculator with New Pay
  • All the calculation you will see there.
  • for next calculation click “Hide & Next”
  • Enter Details again.
  • Thanks for calculating!

Easy Way To Calculate GDS Arrears

GDS Pay Committee Report Implementation order published on 25.06.2018 at India Post website. After studying the order this is come know that there is nothing any positive implementation which is recommended by committee. Only recommended wages scale (New TRCA), Yearly Increment is implemented.

Committee Recommended a fixed monthly arrears for everyone by taking 11 TRCA Slab but Department of Post refused this method to calculate GDS arrears. They introduce a new method of calculation for giving less than less arrears to the poor GDS.

If DOP agreed with the recommendation of Kamalesh Chandra Committee, then GDS has been get near a Lac rupees as arrears from 01.01.2016 to 30.06.2018 for 30th month. for this reason DOP ignore committee’s calculations. Check Previous Calculation.

Here we try to understand the Easy Way to Calculate GDS Arrears. What you need to do first? find out your basic TRCA on 01.01.2016 then remind the DA rate which paid by DOP after 01.01.2016 to 01.01.2018. Here is DA rate below. Click here to know more

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5 thoughts on “GDS Revised Arrears Calculator with New Pay

  1. Hey admin what r u doing this calculator needs some password ,when I entered my TRCA it says this sheet is protected,why u giving half information to needy people like us dont do that plz sir….

    1. Thanks for your kind information Sagar, U need to click on “Hide & next” to enter your basic pay as on 01.01.2016 and your name then click on “fetch Details” Hope u understand.

  2. Tx sir for your help and assistance but when i entered my TRCA which is 2745 and my joining date is 6 April 2016 it shows my designation as assistant bpm but i am BPM and my BO is single handed why it is so,am i going to be assistant bpm after implementation of report?

    1. Thanks for info sagar. dont worry your Designation BPM & Level 2. actually calculator find same (2745) data in two TRCA Slab. it pic the info from 1st dat ait find. I try to resolve this.

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