Bad News : GDS Report Implementation Order Published

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GDS Report Implementation Order Published
GDS Report Implementation Order Published

Order issued for implementation of Gramin Dak Sevak committee report on 25.06.2018. But I think it is a bad news for all Gramin Dak Sevak because till now GDS thinking was positive that they will get a respective pay and allowance for better future.

What GDS will get :

  1. Only New TRCA Slab
  2. 3% annual Increment
  3. DA (Same as Central Government Employee)

What GDS will not get :

  1. Seniority Basis Increment
  2. Recommended allowance by GDS Committee Like
  • Children Education Allowance
  •  Revenue linked allowance etc.

3. Recommended Leave

4. Recommended SDBS, GDSGIS.

5. Recommended Arrears.

overall its a ordinary gift for poor GDS.

Download Implementation Order

4 thoughts on “Bad News : GDS Report Implementation Order Published

  1. Yes but i think cabinet had given approval to another method of calculating arrears (which was as per committee report) then why Department has change that arrears calculating method (do they have such right) or they are taking advantage by making us Fool…and second thing is that do we hv right to educate our children or not why department has bycot children education allownc insted they can reduce the amount of children edu allownc but they should not cancelled it.. very cruel…

  2. Yes, The Honorable PM has approved the committe’s report, but our Department cheated us…..and also our Department’s higher officers feels himself as a british ruler…they can show this brutal act only on GDS……they alives on GDS’s dead body.
    ‘ O’ God …..please….. save ….GDS’s Life.

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