Gramin Dak Sevak Extra Income & It’s Procedure

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Gramin Dak Sevak Extra Income & It's Procedure
Gramin Dak Sevak Extra Income & It’s Procedure

Department of Post not only offer TRCA for Gramin Dak Sevak, they offer some incentive for doing various POSB and postal work. Like Incentive for doing TD(Term Deposit) Business, Incentive for NREGS wages payment, Incentive for doing PLI/RPLI (Postal/Rural Postal Life Insurance) business, Savings Bank Commission, Incentive for delivery of Speed Post and Incentive for Stamp Selling.

Here we discussed only SB Commission, TD Commission, RPLI/PLI commission NREGS Wages Payment Incentive because other than the above said commission there is nothing to doing incentivable business in BO like Incentive for delivery of Speed Post and Incentive for Stamp Selling.

In Respect of GDS Official, here is a simple way to know  Gramin Dak Sevak Extra Income & It’s Procedure, the rate of incentive how to do your bill. The latest order for rate of incentive and the format for doing incentive is given in this article.

TD Business :-

TD business is only for Branch Post Master (BPM). BPM can convince the customer to fixed their money into Term Deposit. This beneficial for BPM and customer both. Customer cen get higher interest by doing Term Deposit and BPM also eligible for getting some incentive from this. The Present Incentive Structure is….

  • 1 Year & 2 Year TD incentive 0.5%
  • 3 Year TD incentive 1%
  • 5 Year TD incentive 2%

After opening and getting TD A/c number BPMs can claim their incentive to their respective Sub Office by the following Proforma.


Follow The latest order Here




RPLI Business :-

All the GDS Official can do the RPLI Business after obtaining the AGENT CODE NUMBER. For getting Agent code GDSs can write an application to their Sub-Divisional Inspector of Post or Supdt. of Offices.

If GDS want, they can do PLI and RPLI business. for Rural Postal Life Insurance GDS can get….

  • First Year Commission 10%

How to calculate 1st year commission?

Premium*12/10%, for quarterly premium:- premium*4/10%, for half yearly premium:- premium*2/10% and for yearly premium:- premium*1/10%

  • Renewwal Premium Commission 2.5%

After Completion of one year you can do 2.5% bill for subsequent premium in following proforma…


NREGS Payment:-

The GDS Official can also get NREGS Incentive Bill for payment of NREGS wages and Opening of account

for account opening : GDS Official can get incentive for opening of NREG account @ Rs 0.50/-

for NREGS wages Payment

  • BPM 1.5/- per wages payment (except 20 wages payment).
  • EDDA 0.20/- per wages payment (except 20 wages payment).
  • EDMC 0.20/- per wages payment (except 20 wages payment).

BPM Can do NREGS incentive bill Daily or Monthly by the following proforma…


Here is the Order Copy:-


Click on revisedincentivestructureformgnregs. to download PDF format.

SB Commission:-

GDS BPMs can also get Savings Bank Commission @2% if they have any balance for claim. Calculate the commission by Adding total Deposit from April to February and Add total Withdrawal from April to March in a financial year. Now (Deposit-Withdwals)=Balance*2%

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