Importance of 8 Hours Duty for Gramin Dak Sevak

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Importance of 8 Hours Duty for Gramin Dak Sevak
Importance of 8 Hours Duty for Gramin Dak Sevak

After implementation of Gramin Dak Sevak Committee Report, only three category GDS will be left in Department of Post which is Branch Post Master, Assistant Branch Post Master and Dak Sevak. And there working hours has been fixed to 4 hours and 5 hours. But the question is, is this working hours enough for completing the office work smoothly?

Presently an office and an official are working more than 8 hours for completing the official work smoothly. A village post office cover 5 to 6 village approx to deliver the service like financial transaction, delivery of article, delivering insurance product, thirt party transaction etc. in this circumstance there is need to discussed about the Importance of 8 Hours Duty for Gramin Dak Sevak.

Kamalesh Chandra Committee recommended three new wages scale for three category of GDS as below

  1. Assistant Branch Postmaster/Dak Sevak Level 1, 10,000-24,470
  2. Assistant Branch Postmaster/Dak Sevak Level 2 & Branch Postmaster Level 1,12,000-29,380
  3. Branch Postmaster Level 2, 14,500-35,480

Where level 1 GDS will perform for 4 hours and Level 2 GDS will performed for 5 hours work. This is good for GDS. But the working hours of GDS is not satisfactory. Here is an explanation of the Importance of 8 Hours Duty for Gramin Dak Sevak.

Importance for MC/MD :-

Now days a GDS MD/MC working in BO more than 5 hours. After receiving mail They go to deliver the receipt article. They travelled 5 to 6 villages by by-cycle for delivering Speed Post, Registered Post, Parcel, VP and COD and also ordinary letter, Book Post and many more. It’s not a maximum 5 hours work.

After implementation of Committee Report GDS MD will be responsible for office work hence there designation will be change as Assistant Branch Post Master. There is an responsibility to success to IPPB’s ambition “Apka Bank, Apke Duwar”. The door step banking service will be depending mainly on Village Postman.

How it’s possible to do delivering article, Opening Account, doing Financial Transaction in Doorstep within 5 hours. So, this time is need to extend up to Maximum 8 hours.

Importance for MP/MM/SV :-

The above said categories of GDS are now working in sub office for mail exchanging and selling stamp. After implementation of report they will act as Dak Sevak,

We all know that the time of Sub office is 8 hours, in Sub office they are doing many work. They join office 10 am and doing work till the end of office.

If department reduce there time to 8 hours, they will performed more in office.

Importance for BPM :-

Presently BPM are performed in BO for doing Financial Transaction, Opening Account, Booking Article, Collecting Premium and many more. They are working for 5 hours. But it’s not enough time to perform well within time frame. After IPPB, BPM will perform more than the said work.

Hence government planning to deliver the financial inclusion in corner of village to village, so there is need to extend the present time. If government do that than the office will open more time to serve the nation. Villagers will get the postal service for long time in a day.

If government wants, they may be performed for another service like Electricity Bill Payment, Insurance Premium, Utility Bill Payment and many more. So, there is need to Importance of 8 Hours Duty for Gramin Dak Sevak.

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