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Regularization of 16 days strike period of GDS
Regularization of 16 days strike period of GDS

Yesterday on 11.06.2018, General Secretory of AIPEU-GDS, Mr. P. Pandurangarao write a an latter to the honorable Secretory of Post, Shree A. N. Nanda for Regularization of 16 days strike period of GDS, absence from 22nd May to 06 June 2018. Check Letter below.


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No.AIPEU-GDS/DoP/2018                                                                                Dt.11-06-2018


Shri A.N.Nanda


Department of Posts

Dak Bhawan

New Delhi – 110 001

Respected Sir,

Sub:- Regularization of 16 days strike period of absence from 22nd May to 06 June 2018 – Reg.

We are expressing our sincere thanks to the Officers of the Department of Posts for their tireless efforts to resolve the demand of GDS Unions during the strike period from 22nd May to 06th June 2018. Our GDS are happy after the Cabinet approval made on the recommendations of the Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report. Immediately after calling off the indefinite strike, all are resumed their normal duties and started clearing of all the pending work of these strike period and almost done.

We would like to draw the kind attention of our Hon’ble Secretary, Department of Posts on the subject and just recall our plea during discussions that the period of strike of GDS may be adjusted to the paid leave instead of ‘no work, no pay’. However, it has already been instructed to the Chief Post Masters Generals that may be reconsidered by referring the letter No.8-27/97-SR, dated 11th Jan 1999. (Copy enclosed)

The delay in the implementation of Kamalesh Chandra Committee Report caused heavy loss to the retiring GDS besides the condonation of periods of absence during their service may also be got delayed further granting the retirement benefits.

Keeping in view of the circumstances prevailing amongst poor GDS, the Secretary, Posts may take an appropriate and favourble decision and caused to issue necessary instructions in this regard.

The act of which is ever grateful to you sir,

A line in reply is highly solicited.

Yours sincerely,


General Secretary

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