Why 3% Increment Is Beneficial For Gramin Dak Sevak?

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GDS Pay Committee 2016 or Kamalesh Chandra Committee 2016 is recommended the 3% increment for GDS Employee and it is one of the most important recommendation of this committee, but why 3% Increment is Beneficial for Gramin Dak Sevak ? GDSePost has made a simple clarification about this.
Why 3% Increment is Beneficial for Gramin Dak Sevak?
Why 3% Increment is Beneficial for Gramin Dak Sevak?
GDS official is the backbone of India Post but they are outside of so called CG Employee benefited like TA, Pension, Child Education Allowance, transport allowance, HRA and others. The Previous Pay committee for GDS employee has made a fixed annual increment for each slab. Example :BPM for 5 Hours Duty 4575-85-7125. Here increment is 85 rupees per year. EDDA  Hours Duty 4220-75-6470 Here increment is 75 rupees per year and MC/MP for 5 hours Duty 3635-65-5585 and Here increment is 65 rupees per year which is fixed and there is no option to increase TRCA every year and DA has not added with increment but Kamalesh Chandra Recommended for Gramin Dak Sevak 3% annual increment and this is the favorable recommendation of the Committee.
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Why it is Beneficial? :-
The 3% increment will be calculate on your basic pay and it will added your pay and then next year you will gain 3% more increment on your previous 3% increment. In this way pay will increase more every year  because increment will calculate like compound interest. for Example if your basic pay will 10,000/- Rupees after 1 year your pay will be : 10,000/-*3%=300/- total pay 10,300/- and next year your increment will calculate on 10,300/- and you will gain Rs. 9 more next year.
Our loving Union AIGEU GDS NFPE also demanded  this for GDS Employee. Now a days it is confirmed that Government has agree with this recommendation. Thanks Honorable Chairmen Mr.  Kamalesh Chandra to give this opportunity to Poor GDS employee.
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