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Yes, finally GDSePost has released “GDS Pay & Arrears Calculator 2018” calculator for calculation of your expected pay, Arrears and also you can check your Level and Grade. No need to do anything, you just enter your pay as on 01.01.2016, calculator will show you monthly arrears, total arrears, Designation, Level and expected payment after implementation of GDS pay committee.

How to Calculate GDS Pay, Arrears, Designation & Level?
GDS Pay & Arrears Calculator 2018

Note :

  • GDS Pay & Arrears Calculator 2018 show you only the expected pay & arrears, designation and level as per GDS Pay Committee Report 2016.
  • You just need to enter your pay (Basic TRCA with DA) which you got last December 2015.
  • If you don’t found your pay you can check your present pay and minus two annual increment from your Present TRCA slab. That’s enough, no need to do anything.
  • Make sure you enter your valid pay otherwise calculator shows #N/A, which mean no data found for calculation.
  • Total pay contain only basic plus 7% DA hence source confirmed that it may differ if government no approved the recommended pay and allowance by GDS Pay Committee 2016.
  • As allowance has not confirmed so, this will be unenviable. It will be added after implementation of Committee Report.
  • Happy Calculation!

Watch video :

You Can Check this article to find your pay and allowance and arrears.

  1. Recommended Pay By GDS Pay Committee 2016

  2. Recommended Allowance By GDS Pay Committee 2016

  3. Recommended GDS Arrear Table By GDS Pay Committee 2016

  4. GDS Committee Major Recommendation

Click Here GDS Pay & Arrear Calculator to Download the Calculator.


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