Today’s Appeal to Withdrawal GDS Indefinite Strike

Order & Circular

Today a meeting was held in K. R. Murthy room in Dak Bhawan in the presence of Secretory of Post Shree A. N. Nanda, Additional D.G Shree Alok Day, Smt. Usha Chandra Shekhar (O) Member, Shree Shailendra Dashora DDG (SR & Legal), Shrmiti Sharan DDG (Est) and Smt. Baishe Barala Director (SR & Legal) regarding GDS Indefinite Strike.

After Seven days GDS Indefinite Strike, Department called a emergency meeting today on 28.05.2018 (read the letter) to the General Secretory of AIPEU GDS, NUGDS, AIGDSU and All india Postal Employees Union MTS & Postman at 4:00 pm. but the meeting was unsuccessful. Secretory of Post Shree A. N. Nanda Appeal to withdraw the Strike.

GDS Strike withdraw Appeal
GDS Strike withdraw Appeal

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Department Want 30 Days To Implement The Report

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