Department Want 30 Days to Implement the Report

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Today a meeting was held in K. R. Murthy room in Dak Bhawan in the presence of Secretory of Post Shree A. N. Nanda, Additional D.G Shree Alok Day, Smt. Usha Chandra Shekhar (O) Member, Shree Shailendra Dashora DDG (SR & Legal), Shrmiti Sharan DDG (Est) and Smt. Baishe Barala Director (SR & Legal) regarding GDS Indefinite Strike.

Department Want 30 Days to Implement the Report
Department Want 30 Days to Implement the Report

After Seven days GDS Indefinite Strike, Department called a emergency meeting today on 28.05.2018 (read the letter) to the General Secretory of AIPEU GDS, NUGDS, AIGDSU and All india Postal Employees Union MTS & Postman at 4:00 pm. but the meeting was unsuccessful.

Government want at least 30 days time to Implement the GDS Pay Committee Report 2016. Here is a thing to say that government representative has discussed this matter four times. 1st meeting was held on 18th may 2018, next one is 21st May, 22nd May and last one is 24th May 2018 but no positive assurance has been given by government side. The striking GDS Unions (AIPEU GDS, AIGDSU, NUGDS, BEDEU & AIPEU POSTMEN-MTS) & S/G, NFPE & S/G, BPEF) decide to continue GDS Indefinite Strike till Implement the committee report.

Now the questions is

How many time will taken to Implementation the GDS Pay Committee 2016?”

Government wants minimum 30 days of time to implement the committee report. Is that time is enough? the answer is NO. but why? because in the fourth days of meeting on 24.05.2018 govt. want at least 45 days of time for the this reason. Read Today’s Appeal To Withdrawal GDS Indefinite Strike.

“The Issue submitted by the union is under active consideration of the department. Moreover at a time when the department  is going through a complete IT makeover such agitation will only allow strengthen the hand of our competitor which agreeable is not  overall interest of the postal department”

will you agree that? There is inordinate delay in implementation of the recommendations of the GDS committee, the GDS staff are eagerly waiting for their wage revision and improvement in other service conditions.

Now, the department is going under technological change “its good” but RICT is being implemented in all BOs for which the GDS staff has to work more than required. The business of IPPB will also depend mainly on the GDS employees. Kamalesh Chandra Committee has submitted its report accordingly. As the benefit of 7th CPC has already been given to Departmental employees, GDS employees are also waiting for since long time.

Now the question is when GDS employee will play vital role, when All the scheme will depend on GDS employee then which one is first to do “IT Modernization Project” or Revision of GDS Pay and service condition”? GDS Indefinite Strike will Continue on 29.05.2018 and after that day if government no take it seriously.

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