Role & Responsibility of Territory Officer/Manager

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Territory Officer (TO) & Territory Manager (TM) has some work to do the smooth banking operations of India Post Payment Bank (IPPB). They have to play the following role and they will be responsible for this below mention work.

Territory Officer
Role & Responsibility of Territory Officer/Manager

Sales & Business Development :-

  • Every Territory Officer (TO) & Territory Manager (TM) will have 80 access points mapped to them.
  • Hand Holding the GDS and Postman for smooth delivery of Banking Services.
  •  TM/TO has to visit all mapped access points  once in every three months.
  • Providing support for marketing events like literacy camp in villages.

Customer Service & Compliance Monitoring :-

  • To ensure all the agents (GDS and Postman) delivering the services as per the compliance.
  • Grievance handling & resolution within TAT.
  • Dispute (if any) handling while on visit to access points.
  • Feedback collection from customer/public.

User Management :-

  • Help in on boarding of agents & proper firsthand training.
  • Educating and guiding the agents for sell and cross-sell.
  • Regular updatation to the and users for any change in products and processes.
  • Providing technical support to the end user wrt HHD/RICT.
  • Monitoring the sells and performance of the agents.

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