Why GDS Committee Implementation was Delay?

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AIGDSU tried its level best through all types of agitational programmes and got success to put pressure on the Government of India as well as on the Department of Posts. As a result the process for implementation of GDS Committee is expedited. The officers in the Department of posts have done errors while preparing the cabinet note. Without proper examination the cabinet note was sent to Ministry of finance for approval. Ministry of Finance raisedqueries and sent back the cabinet note to the DOP for correction. The negligence of officers in the department of posts causes delay in implementation. A.IG.D.S.U, opposed this type of attitude of the officers and warned not to repeat this in future regarding GDS issues.

A.I.G.D.S.U, issues two phase programme against inordinate delay in implementation of GDS committee report and the attitude of the Department towards GDS issues. CHQ congratulates CWC members, Circle Secretaries, Divisional and Branch Secretaries for making blackbadge programme thundering success all over the Country.

Nobody in the history of Postal Trade Union movement, not to dare enough to conduct agitation at Prime Minister’s residence. A.I.G.D.S.U conducted Dharna in front of Prime Minister’s residence with thousands of Gramin Dak Sevaks officials came from all Circle having one motto on 15-03-2018.

A.I.G.D.S.U representatives met Secretary (posts) on 07-03-2018 and discussed the progress of the GDS committee report, more than half an hour at IPPB workshop.

The Secretary (Posts) informed that the Department of posts prepared cabinet note answering the querries raised by Ministry of finance. The Secretary (Posts) also said that the corrected cabinet note was sent to communication Minister for his signature.

It is learnt that the know cabinet note sent to Ministry of Finance for approval. Thereafter it will be sent to cabinet for final approval.

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